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Author Topic: Rules (Updated)  (Read 46 times)

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Rules (Updated)
« on: October 19, 2013, 06:42:59 pm »
Take note that you will not recieve the % warning on your 1st warning (Unless it's severe)
The rules are listed here:
1.Please do not insult anyone.Even if you hate them or they hate you,it DOSEN"T MATTER!
Breaking this rule will earn you a 5% warning.Consecutive rule break will add 5% each time you break this rule

2.Please do not use bad words.We have a censoring filter that blocks the bad words you say.Even if you surpass the filter we will give a warning to you.This will result in a 5% warning

3.The signatures are here so you can use them,not abuse the signature power.That means no bad words,insults,links to ****,etc.This will result in a 5% warning

4.Do not double post.Double posting will only make the forums slower and will earn you a warning.This will result in a 5% warning

5.Please do not Kick up posts (re-posting an old post to make it new).This will ALSO make the forums slower.This will result in a10% warning

6.Triple posting is also not allowed here as it SLOWS DOWN Creatorcraft by a lot.This will result in a 10% warning

7.If your post is reported you will earn a warning.This will result in a 10% warning

8.Please do not start Inappropriate topics.It is not suitable for people that are young.This will result in a 15% warning

9.Quadruple posting is 4X worst than Triple posting.This slows down the website and will earn you a warning.This will result in a15% warning

10.Posting a URL of **** IS NOT ALLOWED!This will result in a ban

11.Hacking is not allowed on Creatorcraft.This will result in a ban

12.Duplicate accounts will be Banned.If you say it's your brother you must prove it to a admin.Otherwise you will be warned on your 1st account and Permabanned on your duplicate.

When you reach a specific % of warnings you will be:
%10+=Added to moderator watch list
%60+=Cannot post
More rules coming soon
The Creatorcraft Team
« Last Edit: January 30, 2014, 07:50:19 pm by Pokefan2631 »
I am the owner of Creatorcraft forums.Please follow the rules at all times or else you will earn yourself a ban.Also treat other users with respect.Don't send useless PMs.I won'respond to that.Thank you and have fun!

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